Three Blind People

Bangalore never stops surprising me. Beautiful, charming city.

All started from Majestic (Main central bus stand of Bangalore). Weak legs, on phone, walking backwards collided into a guy. Natrual reaction: I looked back. A guy dressed in white shirt, black goggles and a white stick with red end was finding his way in the crowded bus stop. For a minute I was surprised, quickly apologized. A small smile from him. Must have heard it in my tone.

Five minutes later, a small boy of about 10 year old was walking in that crowd, holding his mother’s hand navigating her. What made me smile was this small dialogue by that boy, “Amma! Amma noddi, double bus!” (Mummy! Mummy look, double bus!) The boy’s innocence, probably not understanding reality. But this reminded me of a scene from a french movie Amelie. Amelie helps an old blind man cross the road with fast strides and at the same time giving him the description of things around them but about who she is and then finally leaving him without a goodbye, with his face facing the sky with a smile on his lips. And that was beautiful. I had got this chance when I was in school, but I was too scared to even approach. I’ll do this unfinished business next time to an unexpected stranger.

The final one, he was standing at the bus stop, waiting for a bus alone and confident. Beauty.

Looking at this, I should have nothing to complain. What strength is, I could see in them. Another type of strength. Accepting, smiling and living.

I met so many wonderful strangers. Friends for a day. And that was perfect friendship. One an researcher in aeronautics who is a blogger, also likes Jay Sean type of music. And his thoughts on reality and universe. Beautiful. While going to Majestic again.

And today, another old man proud about his two graduated working daughters. And those three blind people.

Simple life. All the things that are worth, lives. Rest, should just let go.


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