The "Sweetness" of Doing Nothing

Working bounds to become a routine. And that routine even if monotone became a fragment of daily life that I cried for a break. And that same break became unbearable after one day because there was nothing exactly to look forward to. No joining date communicated. No more of institute work. The whole day to do whatever I want to. What scared me was the pasións seemed much more interesting when there was tonnes of work to do and when finally free, pasións seemed to be pushed behind, as in piled up again, to be done later.

I couldn’t bear the nothingness. The “dolce far niente” (sweetness of doing nothing) killed me. I had to get out, do the small OC of reorganizing my room. The next “now what” was so unbearable that I decided to cook something which will exhaust me. I made Gobi Manchurian. Took hell lot of time, was my first time at that. There was a satisfaction at the end of doing something at the end of the day. And yes, both did taste good. 🙂

Probably general, but I really enjoy laziness when I’m over loaded. When empty, I really enjoy the exhaustion, like today.

Best thing, by the end of the day, I realized my pasión are not dependent on my load. It’s all psychological.  The satisfaction I got from all this was actually a very warm feeling. And warm feels great 🙂

Wondering how it is for workaholics and how they deal with it…


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