Graduation Goggles

Ms. Robin, your theory was right. Everything seemed beautiful and nice after the non official graduation. Perfect goodbye. Perfect rain. Perfect temperature. Random light happy memories on my way back, none related. Kept smiling, and I wasn’t sure if it was because of the goggles, or because I was genuinely happy. While it lasts, enjoying it.

Though I didn’t know it lasts this long, that I made budday girl laugh when I called her.

I love myself when I’m happiest, somehow make others around me laugh too. And at times, the reason why happiest is because of some things some time/days/months back which I did without understanding why I did it at that moment of emotion. I just know that I did it, I had to do it and it anyways turned out to be for the good.

I love the strength it gives me.
Some how makes everything look light and bright. 🙂


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