Young Love

This thing about innocence and the original self, I cannot protect it. If I do, I will be taking away the most beautiful thing: freedom of experience. I cannot generalize.

All those blocked memories by reading one cute email of young blossoming love. I still cannot generalize even with the exact similarities. I cannot warn, I cannot ask you to take it slow, I cannot because you are a “kid”. And its perfectly right and easy then. Because you know exactly what you want. So before you start doubting and reasoning, enjoy your blushes and kisses. 🙂

I just hope, you don’t get to taste all what either of us did. My mistakes are not necessarily going to be yours.
The innocence and simplicity was beautiful. Experiencing all this again did make me feel something weird I cannot define. But it was a warm feeling again to know that there is some simplicity and honest emotions in this complicated web of mess.
 Lots of warm, happy feelings, with boredom now a days 😀


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