My Beautiful 5 Minutes

The same opportunity slipped twice. The second slip was because: while chasing I forgot to watch where I was running and stumbled. Each slip was a lesson and each slip pushed me even more towards it. Third slip would have been a disaster.

This time it was a simple one: Helping a blind person cross road in a crowded bus stop at the busiest hour. I don’t know why I wanted to do this this badly. Probably it started with the first slip. And yesterday, with a little language help I did it. I finally did it.

I didn’t hear any applause in my head as I had always imagined I would give myself, nor did I feel anything special. There was simple satisfaction. My little voice in my head just said this: I don’t need to be in any NGO to do all this. And then again, it never was about that. It was only because I really wanted to do it.

And finally, I’m expressing myself again, almost there. 🙂
It gets lamer, and I don’t care.

I love this city.  🙂


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