A Day in a Mind’s Life

The mind is like a child, sometimes. The more It is asked not to do something, It thinks otherwise. Always in the moment, always restless to take the action right now. Very stubborn.

At times It fails to see what a simplest of simple action might mean, what consequences it will bring and what different meanings it can convey. It’s minute of weakness to seduction of temptation can reopen It’s own Pandora’s Box which It had tightly sealed the last time, promising never to touch it.

They still are yelling, “Don’t do it! Ignore it!”
It said, “I’ll handle it.”
The yelling subsided, because It had almost demanded.

It then started arguing with It’s own alter egos, over its own peace. One declaring the action won’t matter, and that It is strong enough to handle it. The other begging to stick to the original decision and not to disturb the peace.

Now which of the two alter ego wins, depends.
Oh and cheers to me
One of the best midnight ever 🙂


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