Heartless Pretenses

Am I missing something by not being too emotional?
It/I was supposedly beautiful then. (Even supposedly expressed. Snort!)

For example: I used to be like this when I was truly happy. All those “cheesy” words of emotions, which I don’t have the patience to read, even my own.
Now, I prefer to give a big smile and a hug, if I’m close to the person. Or blabber like a hyperactive maniac to the person rather than write on a blank wall.

I probably just prefer being selective.

And a known fact: one is mean and arrogant when there is lots of anger built and bottled in.
How to break it without any destruction?
Solution 1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (on an totally isolated area.)
Solution 2. Be immature and abuse. (with many assumptions of course)
Solution 3. No idea. 😀
Emotional P.S. 😛
I once recently said: Emotions can be controlled like a switch.
Just flip the button.
Someone had told me otherwise, I don’t remember who (damn again!). But it can be, for some instances.


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