Got the permission from papa to do it, but after two months. 😀

And the suggestions I’m getting is woaah! Skull, dragon breathing fire, daggers, what! I sound/appear/act oh so violent and all that blah to my friends? (Trying to apply something as eye liner which turned out to be lip liner something wasn’t enough for trying?) Butterfly? Buha ha ha ha.

Then again, I might just surprise them again. I sorta enjoy doing that. 🙂

Yea, right. Needles. I first need to get over those, to get inked.
Shame!! I’m a doc’s daughter. Needles are supposed to be nothing. But such a pain in my ..

Only nice memories needles give me is running around in our house when I was a kid, mom behind me with the tetanus shot demanding me to stop running and that she’s getting late for her job. And I demanding for dad to be there when I get it, but he had already left for his office. What a kid. 😀
When back then, where to get the shot was such a pain taking choice (compared to making choices now)

Anyways, a reminder for future me. Who knows, I might surprise myself 😀
Needles, needles, needles, noodles, noodles, nooooodles!


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