An Irritated Rant

While coming back from the “Inner Engineering” course seated in the backseat of an i20 with the most beautiful back pain, I saw 288G bus at the Palace Grounds bus stop. People were rushing in as if the bus is already moving.

There was this guy, dressed in black track pants. He was holding crutches and had polio in both his legs. What irritated me was this:

  1. The stupid “halli”* people didn’t have any decency to let him climb in the bus first. Not out of pity, but out of decency. Being courteous in short.
  2. The stupider bus driver had rear view mirror on either sides, and he didn’t have the decency to wait till he gets in. That moron started moving when that guy was just stepping in.

I should have been peaceful when I came out after the course. (I’ve one more day left, to think of it. And the interesting part: that guy seemed calm after all this! Is this what is called as getting used to? And does he really get treated that way in Bangalore halli?) But looking at this, it was the beginning of the destruction of the freshly developed peace I had gained after doing Pranayama after say 4 years. And it was a beautiful evening.

That didn’t bother  me for long, that incident. But the irritation and the anger started building up one even after the other. Those effing halliwalas! And my effing laptop touch pad!

Need to find a quick fix solution to douse the fire.
No fire extinguisher suggestions.

And I was supposed to attain “Inner Peace”
*Bengaluri gawars kamine kahin ke


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