Indian Obsession – Shlokas

I still have no idea why I’m averse to the idea of god, or religion or rituals. I’ve nothing against it. But I still don’t know the reason why I say, “I do not believe in god. I’m not religious.” Probably because I want to do things my way and not be dependent on something which I have not seen. The argument goes on.

Anyways, when I was handed this small card sort of thing on the second day of the Inner Engineering course, my reaction after reading the cover was, “pffft”. It read: Invocation.
I opened it. It had this beautiful sholka in Sanskrit. And to my surprise, it was nothing religious. It read:

Asatoma sadgamaya                              From Untruth to Truth.
Tamasoma jyotwirgamaya                      From Darkness to Light. (From Ignorance to Enlightenment)
Mrutyorma amrutangamaya                    From Mortality to Immortality.
Aum Shanti, shanti, shanthihi                   May I be lead. Aum, Peace, peace, peace.

Simple, realistic. And something which everyone tries to find.
If not everyone, I do. All of it, my muses.

Also increased my interest in understanding all the Shlokas I can from Mumma.
Also listen to Bhagavad Gita.
Still not being religious.


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