My Happy Place

Took me two years to realize that my happy place is 980 odd kilometers away from home. And the best thing is, even if the city has changed its face in two years, I still feel it’s the same.

I met them as if we’ve been meeting everyday. Laughed like I laughed ages ago till my tummy ached. And what we were laughing on? All the silly stupid stuff we did in the past. And later again on the HP 7 part 2 for being so bollywoody. Calling Voldemort the Ghajani and Harry Potty the Rajani. Talking until late night about all the heart breaks, et all. Curse mixed name callings which ended up sounding funny however seriously I uttered, as always. The vulgarity ignored.

Something about this city makes a crazy me get out. Or probably it is the people here 🙂

I just cannot stop smiling ever since I landed here. Rather, I don’t feel like I ever left this city. The pulse is still the same. Everything is the same, chemistry wise. And it is comforting. It is comforting to know that I have not lost any identity as I believed I have.

A bike ride in rain and enjoying it. Spontaneous plans. Getting hugs and they not bothering if I like it it or dislike. “What the hell, come here.” Hug with no permissions.
I’ll eventually learn again. 😀

Enjyoing my momentary indefinite plan. While it lasts.

Good to be back home and see the comforting blackish brown sand again.


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