Two pitcher of Tornado. Probably three pitcher of Go To Hell.

Result: Tinnnngg!
(And some more over the days, refraining from using direct names. )

Knowing in the moment of ting that it was a whole lot of mixture of un-nameable resulting in bang.

One whole week of tinngg and twaang and exhaling flavored steam, which should how a girl of my age should enjoy, which is apparently being normal. But still, felt being in control is more awesome than being ting. It was hell lot of fun though with those set of people I really really realllly enjoy being. Unlike hesitating to have one glass of harmless bubbly with the person I supposedly trusted. I guess I finally understood what a good company is, even if it was in the moment of ting and one KABOOM from my end.
Going to spend next few days with clean blood and unadulterated ting fun.
Best vacation with horrible horrible hotness.

Finally learning to be a bit girly* and for the first time: A success with ting! 😀
*I do own a kajal, lipstick, blue nailpaint now.

So there, girly.
Guisqui, it all started with one sip.


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