Shy Smiles

I’ve no idea why I tend to take candid pictures of kids more. I am guessing it is their innocence that pulls my strings. It always comes out simple. Their eyes, body language, lips always speaks out a lot. And this is the beauty of ‘simple’.

Met this young one near Bannergatta National Park. Was closed the day we went there. We all had full bladder, so decided to give the small bus stop’s ultra clean washroom a visit.

I saw her sitting on the stairs of the entrance. A shy smile played on her lips when I looked and smiled at her. When we came out, she was on her feet. Going up and down the stairs, around her mother. Hiding behind her when I smiled at her. Her small instance of peek-a -boo: I want to smile, I find you friendly but I’m shy.

I requested her mother if I can take her snap. I didn’t want to forget this little one. Why? I’ve no specific answers. I just wanted to. I like to immortalize their innocence, their simplicity. They are unbound. I want to capture all of that before it is lost. With the speed today, they are losing it very very fast.

As soon as my SLR comes out, she is so super shy that she just refused to give me a smile. I waited. She didn’t budge. I stood in front of her. Suddenly she went all quiet. Sliding her hands up and down the railing of the ramp next to the stairs, looking away. And I had to capture it. And this was the result.

It might not be a great shot. But they are my emotions, capturing other’s emotions.
And they are beautiful.


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