"What’s Going Through My Mind Today" Journal

12:13 AM something
When you begin to listen from people that you are good at something as a review, accept it. Competition is good, it is healthy. But comparison is not. The art created out of imagination, thoughts, experience will be different. Comparison to the extent of putting down yourself to the size of a dot is self destruction. It’s a sign to understand the basics of extreme differences.
Yes, I know. Easy said than done. Doesn’t harm to keep trying though.

12:39 PM
World is filled with awesomeness and we are lost in our own petty insignificant problems, no?
Most of the awesomeness I’m talking about came from those people’s emotional problems and all that blah. But at least I forget mine. Not that I have any. 😀

12:57 PM
Exciting day. Country is so damn alive! Lok Pal. Anna Hazare. Tihar jail. In and likely to walk out, anytime today.
Government has the foot in the mouth moment.
Too much energy. Feel proud that many actually, totally do care, and are actually doing something.
ibnlive, ndtv, all at twitter, great help.

2: 42 PM
@acorn: If your mind is made up, I’m not trying to persuade you. Thank you.
I liked!

2:46 PM
I’m gonna need Tylenol soon. Again. Damn.
This morning woke up with a bad dream (Someone was trying to get me married off  and I was wearing a saree!! Scary!! And I was obsessed with my hair looking frizzy. WTF. :O I have had amazing dreams. HRC dream is till date the best one.) and this feeling that I HAVE to do something constructive. So, how about actually taking that guitar class I have been whining about since say 5 effin years? Yea. So, first step, buy a guitar. Yep.
I have amazing friends. The guitar friend, (as you are called) is pretty excited about my plan is helping me like woaah!

3:07 PM
Don’t rain again! Pleejh! Rained continuously yesterday!
Longest I’ve been online reading news, blogs, etc in a day.
Yea. Bored now.
Going to sandwich head between pillows. Damned headaches.
Damn you tile fixing guys. Damn you tiles. Damn you hammers!

6:53 PM
Sandwich helped today!
Every place is awesome, if you meet the right people to be with.

Why is it Sri Sri Ravishankar? Why Sri Sri?
And apparently I’ve changed a lot in last few months. In a good way, yes.
Yummy! 😀


An hour ago conversation:
Me: What’s the big deal about not being emotional? Or showing it, huh?
F1: mumble mumble
Me: No, I’m not scared of attachment!
F1: mumble mumble
Me: Oh. It doesn’t bother you? And doesn’t matter if I don’t show, but you will!
F1:  :*
Hey, why do you want me to run away? Seriously!
Phuck you! You know too much in two weeks.

2:13 Am
Last thought before I sleep: Bachi, Bachi, dambo
girl, chici chici chici chita
Don’t ask.
Gn :))


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