After the Rains

High on the hills of Girivan, was this little lad of about 5 year old. The brightest brown eyes, the most charming smile and his energy! Would jump in the plastic chair even when it never stopped raining.

After two and half hour of game of badminton in the constant drizzle, it finally decided to stop. The boy comes out, observing us play. He sees the puddle and he jumps in it. After all the jumping is done, he just stood there, watching us.

Cutest thing ever! I regretted forgetting to take my camera there. (Yea I was being protective about the lenses in the rain. Still, regretted.) And this was the smile he gave when I bent, moved around and did all the moves an amateur does amusing him so much that he couldn’t resist smiling. Or so I would like to believe.

The best look he had given me was, when we came back from our morning long “walk” after visiting the small waterfall/springs, he looked up at me when I was climbing down the stairs and gave the widest smile he could in return for my smile. 🙂

He made up for all the continuous rains we’ve been tried of.


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