The Unnamed Strings

Being a beginner sucks. Especially managing the fret board, yea. Plucking the strings without looking at them, yea. Sucks being a beginner there. It looked so easy, but when it comes to actually doing it, gives my left hand three fingers a pain.

Shifting fingers, and listening to the string go out of tune is a big disappointment. But then, its only been two classes and 3 days. And then again, I can’t help push myself to go way beyond the defined level. It is fun too. I keep remembering this, “All things are difficult before they are easy.” There will be nothing as letting go, or giving up, because after all I did dream that I played Smells Like Teen Spirit on my guitar (Kurt Cobain was there too). Pretty fast and in tune too. 🙂

And best part out of all this is, I had held on  to my plan and actually got my guitar. There were many, “Will I really?”, “Should I really?” But yea, totally worth it. Thanks to the Guitarist and my Dove for actually not letting me back off. 🙂

I love changes. Spontaneous, drastic and beautiful changes. Even though makes me feel stupid from time to time, but then what the..


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