The Dark Night Story

(From the point of about 10 year old:)

The lights are switched off. She’s walking back to her bed. She sees some shadow move. She wonders, “Is it hooded? It moves fast!”

“I just have to switch off one more switch.” She hurries. Legs get that anxious feeling of being about to be held firm, rooted to the floor by that invisible hand. And then suddenly an image flashes: sharp white fangs. “A vampire, perhaps”, she thinks of the image flashed in her mind of a horribly scary face.

Her heart pumps hard. Her pace fastens, thinking only of her bed. Her safe cave.

After what seems like an eternity, she finally reaches her bed. Almost jumps on it, pulls her blanket over her and she finally feels safe. The monster can’t touch her now.

“Pooh you”, she says to the monster in her head and drifts off to sleep.
The hooded figure will seem to whisper, “But, are you afraid of the dark?”
And in reply she thinks, “I’m invisible under my blanket.”


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