Those Good Old Days…

Remembered the times when  my school best friend and I had to move to different cities after high school. She to Bangalore and me to Pune. We used to write hand written mails to each other, page and pages of letters even though the e-mail system existed. It was fun to write, but was a tedious job for Mr. Patience. Actually no, it was fun to read her had written letters with her fountain pen, and get those goodies she used to send sometimes.

I got reminded of this because a friend of mine and me, living in the same city, are exchanging mails. Writing stuffs, sharing. (Mr. Patience now has the patience because typing is easier than writing down.) Like good old days, even though we have each other’s number and are just a sms away.

There’s some beauty to writing mails. And yes, it is fun receiving one light mail among others.

All those same feelings I’m  getting after writing a mail, like those old days.
Just the goodies are missing. 😛



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