Ms. Wobbly Feet

One of my fondest memory, which struck me suddenly:
How Ms. Wobbly Feet got into perfect control of sane sense when the elders were right in front of my face. All I had to do was, shut my mouth, tie my hair and not giggle.
Hey, I miss you Mr. Darling Tornado! :*

The day I got to know how “light” I am. And literally. Twice. Ha. For someone who loves chocolate, butter and cheese, insult me more?

My Dearest Loved Dove, you were really patient and awesome! :*
And that Dickhead responsible for this (Bottoms up!! Cheers. Said who?), you are sucha dickhead for shaking me head till I lost my “balance”. But you are awesome. 🙂
Dove’s sister, you were the only one who scared the shit out of me ever by your suggested Madonna-Britney experiment.You are Mhashe. 😛
Dove’s cousin, you were the red batak*.
And the Budday booaay, thank you for that day.

Yea, I “miss” that crazy day.


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