People I Know

Like different types of chocolates, there are types to people. All the chocolates (White/Milk chocolates are not chocolates) have one basic ingredient – cocoa, likewise all people have one basic ingredient – emotion.

Poker Faced Crab

This person has no expressions. No hint of emotion displayed. A catastrophe and still no flinching of the eyes. Calm but bubbling with rage. Like a crab. Prod with a stick and the claws will pinch.

Tough from the outside, but big turmoil in the inside. Vulnerable in the isolation of his dungeon where the decisions are taken at the spur of moment of intense emotions. Well the last such decision did good to him, why won’t it now?

Very vicious. Sassy.  To the extent of not being able to fit around other human beings because every word spit out of his mouth is venom.

Sometimes a fucked up “kid” who doesn’t know how to control his emotions when it shows. Always bottled in then out like from a shaken soda can. But what this person won’t tell is how much he would want the person surprisingly close to him to just listen. Oh but the big ego. The pride.

All this started with those persistent situations. And hence, the poker faced crab was craved out of it.

Twisted Cinderella

These are the people who are determined to consider themselves as victims.

A very, very sweet person in the display mode. But as twisted as the copper wires in the inside. Her flair in drama will put Shakespeare in shame. Her flair is such that only the person receiving it will know the deception. And this drama all has one result: all the attention to herself.

She likes to pretend she’s the damsel in distress. She likes to show concern which sometimes sounds like that lump of honey in water.

She has a good heart. She has emotions which she is not shy to display. Her tears are ready to drop on her pink cheeks when she falls. She likes company. She wants help always.

She’ll make you like her. But if you see  carefully that twisted part in her she’ll appear like the modern day Cinderella.

Dramatic Everyday Ekta

She is simple. She is honest. She is genuine. She pretends she is tough but fails miserably because of her overflowing sensitive emotions. She believes she is tough but she is the softest person you’ll ever meet.

Her sensitive nature comes in picture when something trifle upsets her. Her rant topics will jump from what is relevant to the current problem to irrelevant ones which will go up to some dead past.

In time she’ll deny she ever spoke any such thing you claim she did. She has a bad temper when she rants. Bad enough to hurt you for centuries.

But, she is one gem of a person.

The Silent Mountain

He has been in the shoes of the Poker Face Crab character. He is way past that now. He is strong. He is wise. He is experienced.

He knows when to hold his tongue when in rage, and he controls it better than anyone. He credits Pranayaam for his patience.

He has the answer to everything. He knows when to give them and when to let the unruly learn on their own with their mistakes.

He is a diplomat to hold the much required peace. He is grand and tall with white hair like those snow covered silent mountains.

Addicted Attention Seeker

It all started when he was a 10 year old boy. Now an over grown, student, working adolescent. He enjoys people fighting over him. He enjoys putting a fight over him. He enjoys not to stop it because it is his 15 minute of local fame. He enjoys saying wrong is right and right is wrong, because that wrong gives him attention. Main intention: from the girl of course.

He enjoys talking about him. He is a narcissist. He has a confused bone in every inch of his body. And he loves to believe girls turn and look at him when he walks past them. He loves to believe ever girl he talks to is after him. He picks an argument to get people’s attention.

He is the Salman Khan wanna be. He thinks he is as chocolatee as Imraan Khan.

He’ll cry to his mama (read: girl friend, girlfriend, mother) when he’s beaten by some girl (literal girl, company/institution, boy or anything/anyone).

A disgrace to friendship and worst of all categories. He is an addict to nonsense, bullshits and attention. And saddest part, there are many like him every where. He is nothing different from the general crowd.



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