Constant Choices

There always is some strength after exhaustion. And that strength comes in many different ways.

You’ve been traveling the whole day on the bike in the harsh sun trying to get all the work done. It is done and you move ahead. You are waiting in front of the red signal. To the right, is the way towards your home and straight ahead lies the road which leads to that thing which you always wanted to do.

You’ve 60 seconds to decide.

To the right you see invisible restrictions laid by your own mind: The exhaustion of the previous experience, the time limit and the explanations.

Straight ahead lies the chance which you always wanted but procrastinated because of laziness, the constant complain of lack of time and your own vehicle.

You’ve 15 seconds to decide.

“So what did you decide?” He asks.

You see right again and then look at the timer ticking on the signal. You smile thinking of the road ahead and say, “let’s go” just as the signal turns green. This is one of those moments when you discover some strength in yourself even when something leaves you completely exhausted. One of those moments when you discover something about yourself and at the same time face an identity crisis: Who am I? What is “I”? Why do I behave so? What makes “I”? Why am I so different from one day to the next with different people? Who am I?

Life is exactly like that.


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