Day and Night

I am getting tired of duality now.

It’s like Mr. Harvey Two Face, who has to flip a coin to decide if he will kill Batman or let him go. Or like Batman himself, who wears a mask at night and wanders around (now when the mayor flashes his bat signal) in his sexy batmobile fighting mean guys to quench his thirst for his never ending revenge. And then he suffers  wondering who he really is. 

Identity crisis.

Situation makes that alter ego. For a while the alter ego is welcome. But in time when there are so  many frequent shifts between the personality, it becomes frustrating to understand who I really am. Not that I want to put a fixed label to myself. That will  be limiting myself leaving no room to grow.

The alter is something born out due to repressed emotions. arrrrrrrrgh

In short, duality is simply very very tiring and frustrating.


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