Like a Paper Cut

One of the many words which kept me obsessed with self due to the lack of any stimulating conversation was this one: Hypocrisy. And then I looked around and paid more attention. Hypocrisy was everywhere. Every second of my breath with known humans, I could smell hypocrisy. They reeked of it. They more they denied, the more clearer they painted their hypocrisy.

Everyone is a hypocrite. This I had to reluctantly agree when I caught myself on the thin line. I was almost across. Eventually, I landed in the hypocrisy land.
At least I’m not denying.

Another amusingly beautiful dance: The Dance of Denial.
An instance: “I am right. I can never be wrong. Even if I’m clearly being proved wrong, I’ll find reasons to blame on another reason. On spot. I’ll look like a fool, but I’m not wrong.”

It is like that paper cut. It hurts for that fraction of second. A few angry drops of blood gushes out. And then, again, it is gone.

And metaphors are beautiful. 🙂


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