10 Seconds Picture

One late summer morning, while walking down the street, I saw a man wearing turban, in his late 70s, squatting on the floor with a mirror in his hands. He gazed intently into the mirror, unaware of the public around him. The bangles and trinkets to be sold were lying around him, neatly organized.

Probably he was thinking of how his life has been till now. Probably thinking that whatever he did was worth every second of it. Or probably wondering if he should have given it a try, whatever it was for him. Probably that girl, probably that opportunity. Wondering how it would have been otherwise, or how perfect it has turned out now. Satisfied. Unsatisfied. Who knows?

Wish I had my camera with me then to capture his moment of emotion. He made me slow down and stop running away from anything and everything that is new and scary. Including emotions. Because when I look into the mirror when I’m 70, I’ll simply be happy and glad with everything.


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