Caught in the Teenage Waste

What a mess ya! Sucha mess. It’s a mess. A mess. MESS!!
It’s like back being in high school again.

  1. That never ending self discovering process.
  2. Liking a guy only to find out that he has a girlfriend.
  3. Liking another guy only to assume I’m not being noticed.
  4. Letting people’s rant get into my head, insecurity creeping in and then questioning my standards. (FAIL. Epic fail.)
  5. Seeing immature minds subtly isolate a bakra who is too much for their pea brains to handle.
  6. Overly sensitive people and their dramatic exits.
  7. Overly judgmental people. (Fuck them karma.)
  8. Trying to be like those girls. (What a waste of time, I say!)
  9. Obsessing that the guy doesn’t notice me and thinking of it all the while when trying to think of everything else. Like now.
  10. Cant think of anything. Busy thinking about 9.

Never thought I’ll be caught up in teenage waste, again.
Mind Fuck.


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