Passion, Love & Compassion

Before the corporate world sucks our souls into a space which will be devoid of the spunk and all the color we keep splashing around, I want this as a reminder:

I finally understood what passion is. Something that I’ll always want to do. It is something that will make me forget everything around me and my world will revolve around it. It is something which makes my eyes look alive. It is something which makes my voice sound full of life. It is something which will make me see everything about it everywhere, even on the street I’m walking on. It is something which will make me stop distracting myself with stupid teenage wastes. It is something I’d really enjoy. Like one of those sweet little pleasures of life.

Now, it is one thing to take what the corporate world offers you and forget everything. You are then that frog which got too comfortable in the water which was warm, till it starts boiling and then you can do nothing about it but suffocate and give in. Or you can be that frog, that kept on flapping its leg around till there was a fresh layer of butter and stepped on it and jumped out of that big container. And the another thing is: Take a risk.

What’s life without risks? What is life if you haven’t done what you always wanted to do? What is life if you always “go with the flow” and then one day sit back and wonder “what if…”?

Now, this is passion talking. It’s making me want to take the risk. But hey, in the end, it will be totally worth it. Tough decisions always, always have the sweetest outcomes.

Love. It is one of the most beautiful thing ever in this world. It is profound.

At times you might assume, the person who loves you the most, lets you be, because he thinks you need to learn to survive. That you need to learn everything about life on your own with a little nudge from his end now and then. That you need to learn to decide about anything on your own. He listens when you talk. He will see you in every avatar of yours.

Assumptions. Silly, silly assumptions. Hey you, surprise! One day you see his love is so profound that he has this invisible sheath of protective cover wrapped around you, his arms all around you. His voice like that of a thundering thunder, roaring when someone doesn’t treat his baby right. And you feel safe again. That’s the amazing beauty of love.

And this taught me one thing: compassion.

It is not a flaw to hold myself from showing it. When there is love, there is compassion.

It is not because I’m special that I’m loved by so many. It is because I’m loved by so many that makes me so special and lucky. Very lucky. 🙂


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