Good & The Best

Good boosts confidence: The spine erect, balancing the head right where it should be. Good makes me feel I am wise, a bit more experienced than yesterday. There are millions of truth spilling out of you*, ignoring all the flaws. Because to you only good matters, from where you claim you learnt. I’m wise to you. I can do anything according to you.

The Best can see the real mess. You# can throw me back in the dumpster feeling. Because you are the truth, the harsh “in my face” truth. You show me where I flaw. You keep me from being stagnant. You take me one step closer to perfection. You patiently wait till I logically reach to this conclusion of your observation, not caring how much it might have stung, not caring how strongly I deny that being my character. You wait. I learn. I move forward. And you knew this is how exactly I’ll react and act in the end.

That is how you two unknowingly keep my balance right, where I don’t fall too deep in the either side of the rope.


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