Final Conclusion

Emotions make no sense at all, at times. It does nothing but make you feel normal and spirals your mind out of control. And when the mind spirals out of control, nothing makes sense at all. Hence emotions makes no sense at all. This is logic.

Now logic makes sense. Logic is smart. Knows what is right. Forms and runs an algorithm in its own mind and knows what to choose and how to act accordingly. Logic does nothing but states fact. Facts can never be wrong. Logic, at times might be jumping out of some imagination, if your mind is a master at imagination. But it makes sense. It saves spending energy in the wrong place.

Emotions will try and deflect those facts. If logical matter is stronger in the mind then it is smart enough to deflect the emotion itself and stick to the fact. Logic simply protects you, if you see. Might be from yourself too. In the end, logic always makes sense. Logic has its own Known Error Database, where it stores all the past failures and prevents you from making the same mistakes twice. (See what I mean when I call it smart?)  It analyses yes but emotions dig deeper than required leaving behind lots of mess for the logic to deal with. Emotion will force the logic to accept its mess as a data to analyze and still beat the shit out of logic because it doesn’t want to accept the analysis and conclusion logic produces. Your mind is spiraling out of control.

Logic makes life simple. Logic makes decision making easy.

So yes. That is my final conclusion. I choose logic over emotions.

Sounds cold? I don’t care.
What matters is I now feel at peace and in control.

Being weird is more fun than being normal.



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