The Elusive One

In the circle of light atmosphere, with his deadpan face he questioned her, “How do I know this is it?” Hoping with her experience, she would have all the answers. A question which everyone asks.

Probably I finally grew up enough to start listening to what I want. Questioning what do I want. What do all want? What do all chase?

The Elusive One?

How do I know this is it? When will I’ll stop getting bored and jump from one stone to another looking for another shiny rock with some difference which make it shine for that little while before  I move on to something else? What is that will keep my feet steady in one place? How will I know if this is it, I’ve found him, or I’ve found what I love to do?

“Wait with all the patience you can bear and see, time will tell you everything.” is what they say.  Then pause and add, “You’ll simply know” for the dramatic effect. Cliched, obviously.

I had a simpler answer ring in my head today:
When I will find it very very hard to let go, then that will be it.


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