My Memories

Not sure if confrontation with pain is good. I avoid it, pain that is. Even when it comes to needles. Painful memories were blocked. Then came this phase, when my experience was an answer to relief for others. My path of recovery was my “road never taken”, which was now a path to comfort for some who refused to listen to themselves. I was forced to revisit.

While teaching me about a process, he simply said (answering to one of my many questions): I share knowledge, I share my experience, I learn better. I learn more, every time.

I am not scared of revisiting memories. They don’t hurt me. They teach me.

P.S.:  Blind guy: This is an answer for you. You talk about it with me, you don’t talk about it with me, once a chain starts in my head, there is a nuclear fission of thoughts. One link to another. 🙂


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