What do you see?

You claim to know me. What do you really see? An image that I project at you? Or an image you project of me at me? All my actions are defined by reasons you say. Now, that is a news to me. Am I getting to know myself by standing out of my own persona, listening to your claims?

In the absence of tone, a silent cry of help embedded in casual words. What did you see? Because, there was another silent retreat.

Fresh smell of laundry. Reminds me of spring, every time. 🙂

Everyone is just like everyone else.

Clair de Lune, is beautiful.
Thank you Debussy.

Those scientists should discover a device that will pen down any thought at our minds will as soon as the thought frequency is thrown out in this space. A device, which will finally catch up with the speed of thought. These fingers seem to miss out and lose many thoughts into an infinite void.

Void. Reminds me of black hole. A super-massive black hole.
Galaxy is beautiful. I should visit a planetarium again, soon.


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