My Pseudo Adrenaline Pump

I have come to believe that there is no such thing as hate. But there is rage, pure rage. That is the monster in us that everyone keeps talking about. What the monster wants to do is as they say, “The urge to hurt someone real bad”. It is not the urge to hurt, it is the urge to speak out the ultimate unadulterated truth. It just slips out. There is no control over our mind and hence the tongue.

It is like one large shot of adrenaline. It pumps in some weird kind of energy. This feeling is beyond anger. There is infinite energy to climb a thousand stairs and pure lust to be nothing but practical. Pure lust to punish people by being blindly practical by discarding their whims of superiority in silence. Emasculating people subtly off their ego and pride.

It feels good. Right then, it is uncontrollably out of control. Vision is sharp. I feel like I’m hunting and idiocy is my prey. It is enjoyed while the shot lasts. Eventually, remorse follows.


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