My Haunting Dream

 Once upon a dream, in a far away galaxy, a girl was held captive by invisible chains of emotions. The air was earth like. The clouds were purple blue. There were two moons. The night was serene, but her heart beat wildly. Her hands were tied in the front, head bowed down by the weight of his persuasion that she belonged to him. Heart heavy with the forceful need to please him.

The blue light kissed her cheeks, as she silently protested from the inside. Her lungs were sore from screaming within the inside. It was all a silent cry. He wronged her right. He held her tight. He did not see his hair was ruffled, by the storm that he had created inside. He asked her to be his bride. All she could do was tell him a white lie.

As she lay in her bed, her hand moved towards her throat and she could feel the pulsating heart. Fluttered and fluttered in fright when his face appeared in front of her closed eyes in the dark. His face was calm and hair neatly combed. There was his familiar smile, which held her as a prisoner of his heart. She was loved, but was a captive.

She lay feeling her pulse, thinking of the blue skies. Her dreams were as wild as flying high. She would belong to someone, but never be owned. When this she realized, she pulled her hands apart and the chains fell on the floor. If the love was strong, there would be no hold. She would still be his, but he was vain and dark. She belonged with the air: light and free. With twinkle in her eyes and smile on her lips, she floated in the sky and this was just a dream.


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