My Big Jump

One sunny morning, deep inside a forest, I find myself walking wherever my legs can carry me; until I reach the edge of a steep cliff. I turn around and see a beautiful meadow, with its tall green blades of grass and beautiful red poppies swaying softly to the warm breeze. I turn around to face the sky with a hint of smile breaking on my lips.

I take a step closer to the edge of the cliff with my arms wide open, breathing in the fresh air, letting the sun kiss my cheeks and the soft breeze ruffle my hair across my face. As I brace my legs to leap into the light air for my first big jump, I feel a hand with iron grip, clasp around my wrist and pull me back. I stumble and throw my hands out to break the fall. I look up to find your unsmiling face. Your lips finally move and softly whisper into my ear as you pull me off the ground, “Not yet. Just not yet.” Rest of the moment was a blur with the vivid image of your back fading away from my vision, leaving me gasping for air.

After what seemed like an eternity, I turn around again, facing the vast infinity of beautiful risks across the cliff, wondering what lies ahead. I hear your voice soothe into my senses again, “You belong here, with me.” My silence is an offence. With a soft voice you ask, “Don’t you?” I shake my head and break free from your clasp and make my big jump. I hear the wind gush into my ear.

Right now, my wings are as big as my strength. With my big jump, I now have the power to steer it in the direction I would like to glide. Just hope, the wind blows just right.


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