Following the Breadcrumb Trails

To create an air of mystery around themselves, they think is attained by talking smart or by trying to throw witty answers at your face. They are convinced that they have dodged the trurth about themselves by masking and sugar coating it in those “witty smart” statements. All this to create an air of mystery about them. Because you see Enigma always was intriguing. Everyone wanted to decipher how she works.

The vaguer, the better I say. They try to hide their truth by throwing millions of small truth at my face. Their, no your vulnerabilties are not masked to my face. It might take a while. But when I listen to your words, you are not exactly denying; but there is the assumption of the truth being denied.

It is beautiful, how truth can be embedded between the kaledioscope of words. It is even more beautiful when when I find one breadcrumb of truth. And the most intriguing part is, you wouldn’t even know that you have left trails of breadcrumbs for me to follow.  🙂


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