My Temporary Roomy

Her legs are folded sideways, with a file resting on her lap for the lack of board around, she stares at her notes and then furiously starts writing in her notepad. Then looks up at me with a serenity that I did not believe existed when I start any random topic, which would slowly steer towards psychology of a child. That is her passion. Her children. She is selfish enough to make sure she is living her dreams too by taking right step for her children.

Talking to her today, restored my faith in my thoughts. My thoughts are too mature for my age, but then they are my beautiful thoughts. My thoughts that would want to define my life. My thoughts which would define a purpose for my life. My thoughts which give a meaning to what I do. My thoughts which are eventually my actions. My actions have purpose, reason and are not aimless. My actions are beautiful and planned. My actions are patient and is rightly rewarded.

You would say, “What is the point anyways? To anything you would do.” But then hell, why not? Why shouldn’t it mean something? That is why it makes us human in first place. My thoughts are what makes what is me, me in the first place. Why would you want to stop that? Why would you want to tag an idea as “you are worrying too much? If what are you are doing now, is going to be pointless in any and every point of your life, why are you wasting your energy by investing your time in it? Why don’t you walk ahead?

Passion and pleasure. That is it. Passionate in whatever you do and taking enormous amount of pleasure out of it. That is life. A beautiful life. Doing what you love to do. I used to wonder if I should keep my passion apart from my work so that when I turn back to it, it will be like my fun paradise that I would want to visit when I am saturated. Now, I would rather be in my paradise always. I rather love what I do, rather than keep it waiting till I get time to touch it.

Life has a purpose. It has to have a meaning. My birth has a purpose. I am here to do something significant enough to make some impact if not on the whole world, at least a small world around me. But there has tobe an impact, there has to be an difference here, because of me. I want to be a change.

Walking ahead with an aim and a goal is anytime better than wandering aimlessly. Walking aimlessly is like insulting time. Time is very precious and very scarce. Why would you insult it? There is no forever, literally. You may as well simply enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Nothing summarizes what I am trying to say best about time and life than these few lines from a Ghazal:

“Waqkt ki quaid mein, zindagi hai magar
Waqkt ki quaid mein, zindagi hai magar
Chand ghadiyan yehi hai jo azaad hai
Chand ghadiyan yehi hai jo azaad hai
Inko khokar meri, jane jaa
Umr bhar na taraste raho..”

P.S.: You will never read this, but thank you Mamta.
You were the first point of butterfly effect in my day (after a long time) today for the rest of my life.

P.P.S: A very happy new year, my beautiful lovelies 🙂
Small heart bubbles for you 😛
Too cheesy? 😀


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