My Young Mentor

Let me warn you, this is not a love story. There is no possibility of any romance either.  But this is like a Bollywood story with an indefinite Hollywood ending.

The prodigy of this story and I did not meet, till now. Never shook hands. Or even saw each other. But we have spoken to each other. His name is, lets call him “Mr. Life”. Literally.
Now Life and I never got along with each other. No. Mr. Life was fire and I was ice. Every word he uttered which hit my ear drums through that speaker was like a dragon breathing fire. And in return, every word and tone that I typed back to him was colder than ice. There was lot of hostility in the air.
And then, today happened.
Today, we went past the “being professional”. Hostility level went down a bit when the conversation went beyond his forced jokes and he simply said, “I want to be a human.”

I found Mr. Life very interesting today.  I could agree and relate to his words today. He is someone who believes in thinking. Someone who agrees that there is point to everything. Someone who likes to think, live and enjoy.

For a moment, I felt I met someone with whom I could relate to in Poda Land. I had a smile playing on my lips and I wondered, was I too quick to conclude?

Where we friends, finally?

But then in the end, I wouldn’t be surprised, if he nudges me off the tip of the mountain.


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