What Is and What Was

Curiosity kills the cat and ignorance always is bliss. But the human nature cannot be altered. Once curious, the man does not let it go till he tears the whole world upside down and finds his answer. Pleasant or unpleasant, there is a discovery. A truth, buried deep inside time. Known by few and muttered by none. But there will be a slip. Truth always finds its own sweet way. And man, it does hurt.

Human nature, it is like a natural habit. And the nature is such that even though it hurts, he wants to know. There will be a soul or probably many, hiding behind a toughened skin of disappointment and hurt. So tough that nothing gets through. Nothing ever will. But the strength and the will power to keep going forward.

It is a discovery, discovery about a person. It’s a discovery, that will make him stop, remember the person’s face and sit back and wonder about the beauty that is that makes one as he/she is today. The strength of that person is extraordinary. To hold on and still walk ahead, never stopping to love and keep giving and giving without tiring out. This is love.

And this love hurts so much, that I feel wonderful that I get this love and much more.

To our Mummas.

From their daughters.


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