5 Beautiful Days

5 Days

Is it enough to change a person?

What if those 5 days is nothing but basking in pure pleasure of everything that a person would wish in his day to day life? Stimulating conversations. Early morning walks and beating lethargy. Agreeable freedom at night. All this in a slow, small, peaceful city. All this is real. I am on that side of the grass which will always be greener.

Now back to be lost as a dot in the crowd, there is some sense of loss: of the essence that makes me as a person or the spirit that makes me want to get up and do things, I do not know. But it is a loss. Thinking of this, makes me wonder if this is not a change at all. If this change is nothing but a reversal of the natural nature of a person? Where the crowd doesn’t exists. Or the existence of the crowd is as insignificant as a speck of dust. The standards of interactions have probably gone up a notch. Where randomness is not about the daily routine but about spontaneity, not making a plan for another plan. Where there is some sense and maturity.


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