My Tryst with My Reality

I have come in terms with the fact that death is natural and inevitable. It is unrealistic of me to hope that someone I dearly love, would be with me till I breathe my last. This is the ultimate harsh reality and there is no escaping it, I have learned.

You never know, what you speak with and when you meet with someone would be the last time forever. And eventually what will remain is the memories of the sounds of their hearty chuckle. As time passes, like all memories, we will slowly forget how they sounded like. They will be forever be embedded as one of those irreversible fragment of our memory.

Death is a powerful teacher, once you finally embrace the truth of it.

If the relationship means something, I do not ever want to waste time being mad at that person for a long time. I want to make sure every time we part, we are smiling at each other. I want to make sure nothing is left unsaid or unheard.

Seriously in the end, what would matter the most? Eventually, it all boils down to our ego and pride. I am not saying we should be devoid of it. Pride and ego in a healthy amount is very important for self preservation. What I am saying is we should learn to put is aside when it comes to people we truly care about. Because, think of it, what if that would be the last time you ever spoke?

We always have choices with  us, no matter what. Choice of how we would want to steer our life ahead. Choosing what kind of person we would want to be. It would eventually be about making the right choices, cautiously. Because, in the end, nothing would last forever, but the memories.

It is ironic that the end of something turned out to be a bitter teacher than life itself, forcing myself to confront with the conflicts of life. Opened my eyes to make the right decisions with my choices.

So, you tell me, what matters the most to you in your life?


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