My Dance with Perfection


Who would have thought it would sound like music to my ears some day? It is, believe me when the pursuit of perfection is in focus.

My obsession with perfection is never ending. It is and always will be a never ending challenge. And this journey of mine in pursuit of perfection would be easier and faster by letting myself get flawed again and again. This would mean letting go of my ego of having a perfect record for everything. This would also mean of letting go of my fear of failure, which would taint my existing, carefully built perfection.


Because I have come to understand, there is no ultimate perfection. Its always going to be a never ending journey. A beautiful journey with purpose. And my mistakes would be my steps to climb up the ladder, closer and closer to perfection.

Mistakes are beautiful. Letting yourself make mistakes would mean you are ready to put yourself out there to take risks and take stands.

I had an epiphany today.  When I made mistake, I realized, by default there always is going to be two outcomes out of those mistakes:
1. People would always be amused/laugh at me.
2. I will realize how passionate I am to learn something.

The first point is what stops most of us “perfectionist hunters” from making mistakes. But then again, who cares what people think? Be happy that you were able to make someone laugh and make their day through your mistakes. Not just that, by being open to making mistakes, you would have opened millions of doors of constant learning.

Mistakes should never be allowed to dishearten us from our pursuit of our own perfection. Never, ever let go, if its worth having it. Just need to stay positive and keep pursuing it, fighting for it and never look back.

Mistakes are after all nothing but experience. And like C.S. Lewis said, “Experience: that is the most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn!”


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