The Loud Silence

When the moon rises and people rest their heads to sleep into the silence of the night, she lays watching the moonbeam spill into her room, while her head rests on her pillow. Just as the ever elusive sleep arrives to kiss her eyes there comes wildly spiralling, her thoughts, breaking the silence of the night.

She listens to it patiently. Her thoughts slowly metamorphosing into her deepest (unknown to herself) fantasies, taking her to an adventure she could only see in her dreams. She takes a deep, slow breath absorbing her thoughts while the clock continued to tick beside her in its own synchronized rhythm, “tick tock, tick tock…”

The moment kept passing by. Second by second her precious time was slipping away, and she lay there, paralyzed by her thoughts that was slowly ebbing her peace of mind. Her thoughts had derailed from her controlled trail to the corner of her deepest insecurity that crept at the back of her mind.

Her fears were exposed, leaving her vulnerable.

But she stayed right there, paralyzed, listening to her time kiss her goodbye.

A helpless tear escapes her eyes, as she silently waits for the terror to pass on its own.

She waits and she waits, till she could feel herself getting numb and desolated by her own thoughts. “Is this the end?” She asked herself.

A sharp pang of pain shot in her right arm, and she opened her eyes, gasping for air. She had blocked the blood flow in her arms by sleeping over it.

It was a dream within her dream, she realized. A dream screaming at her to face her fears before the moment passes by, forever, leaving her gaping at the altar of her success which was just a knocking distance away.


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