The Monster Under Her Bed

A friend turned foe once the clock struck twelve,
The one that once gave comfort, now set the heart thumping till it swell.
Until the break of dawn colored the skies,
The eyes refuse to rest in a dreamless abyss.

The moving shadows in the darkness of the night,
Leaves her tossing and turning in a sorry plight.
Eyes open, staring in dark void she feels,
Something sits heavy on her chest…
Its the monster that sleeps under her bed.

It was an endless fight destined to end at the crack of dawn,
The lights were installed by the knight to protect her from harm.
Helplessly she swung her sword at the monster in thin air,
The monster stood behind her grinning from ear to ear.

The knight stepped in to save her from a fatal blow,
And before she knew it there was a morning glow…
She moved in her sleep in her mama’s safe arms,
The monster growled sinisterly who was now caged underground.


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