My Lost Friend

Pain is what makes us human.

It brings out a certain nature in us which we would otherwise try and keep under control.

Pain gives birth to such fury at times that the mind would have lost all the senses of what is and isn’t right. The acuteness of the pain brought on it due to some loss or due to any heart break is so intolerable that the mind just wants to just stop being in the moment and forget about the pain. In this pursuit, the mind stops thinking and just acts not thinking about the damage it would cause on self, or additional pain it would inflect on others. The mind just wants to be numb. It is unknowingly trying to be rational and at the same time in a complete self destruct mode.

Time heals. Time gives mind all the time it needs. And once the mind is settled and calm, only then can it see the destruction it has left behind.

It would be too much of us to expect the other person to understand our situation. It would be too much to expect because in that blind rage we would have inflicted the pain back on the person. Words hurt sharper than a sword does.

This is what we would like to call an experience. This is where we would all grow as a person. Pain brings out the worst in us only to enhance the best in us, but a price of probably damaging a relation.

Matchstick, when it burns out in the flame leaves itself unrecognized. The fire around dies down, but there will be burnt marks left behind everywhere.

Time heals a person and helps the person grow. Time probably never repairs a damaged relations.

Pain is what makes us human.


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