My Vanilla Craziness

Imagine, how it must be like if craziness isn’t momentary. If passion keeps flowing thickly in the veins. No looking back. No dialing down.

Having such insatiable lust for passion that it will consume me completely, beyond what when being in love does. Giving me pleasure beyond expectations, welcomed with open arms to embrace it with whatever burning force it has to throw at me. Such passion that it becomes the sole reason to get out of bed and keep going. Doing whatever I want to do. Because I can.

Rightly said – ‘Sometimes it is a curse to be able to feel so deeply’, which forces it to be kept in control, in a hope to be saved from the control. Until one day there will be a person who will shake all shambles of my universe. All the emotions will be free to be shared and felt deeply, all the shades freed. All the masks unmasked.

Probably, together our passion can build something beautiful for this world. Probably that passion will be all that we were looking for, together. And there will be no pain to let it consume us completely. There will be no momentary lapse from the craziness. There will be no backing out. There only will be these sincere burning feelings to create it all, make it all work. Because, together we can.

There will be this feeling of a full circle with the passion. And when I’ll look at those dark eyes staring back at me from the mirror, I’ll be able to recognize the soul in me.

“It’s both a blessing and a curse, to be able to feel so deeply.”


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