My Cold Decisions

The mind does see things clearly when it is not agitated anymore. But this agitation is very necessary. This agitation builds power and tolerance. It enhances everything and most importantly it teaches.

I learned that I can choose to turn my back and walk away anytime from my company mid way, whenever I find it going nowhere. This is not saying, “I accept defeat.” This is simply about me, being calculative and deciding where I chose to put my energy. This gives me back my power to choose and my freedom from the useless obligations.

Walking away from the person who I’m helplessly vulnerable with will be tough. It always will be. Even with all the destruction I see lying in front of me, I would still want to put the unnecessary energy. It is a vicious cycle and it will go on till I move on. Its crazy how some things works and throws balls of contradictions hard at me. Exceptions would be there, however hard I try to balance out everything. This needs working on.

But till then, with others, I choose to walk away when need be.


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