My Memories

The day had finally arrived. There was tightness in her throat which she had skillfully hid from everyone’s sight. It was the day when they had to say their goodbyes.

She pulled her red jumper over her head as he pulled his bags out of the door.

As they head out, she looked up at him with a small smile and held out her arms. He hugged her tight and before he let her go, she said in a small voice, “Come back soon.”

His cologne was all over her jumper, making her miss him very much that night. She remembered how sharp he looked in his casual suit tonight, and wondered how many hearts he will leave fluttering when he smiles as he lands home the next night. And thus she was adding memories to the ones that they had made since she was five.

Breathing in his cologne, she thought of those old times, when he had once locked her out of her house as a prank one afternoon leaving her in a pool of her own tears… And now,  thinking of these two weeks she spent with him she smiled, how much he looked out for her, even the smallest steps she took, not letting her fall anywhere and always in his sight. Even if momentary, she believed it to be true.

Fresh memories were built. This was one of her many from the happy week she spent with him, wishing this continental distance now wouldn’t put more distance between them, as it had once before.

But in his eyes, she will never grow. She will always be his little sister with her dripping ice cream cone.


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