The Unseen Hero

It was cold and cloudy. Weather was as gloomy as it could get this winter afternoon and she was wrapped up in her favorite colorful striped blanket listening to her steady heartbeat. It was beating in its own rhythm and it sounded wet to her.

Lub dubb. Lub dubb.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on those two sounds sung by her heart for her ears only. All her thoughts had slipped out of her mind.

Lub dubb. It beat steadily. And it had slowed down a little.

Before she knew it, she had slipped into some beautifully painted world of her imagination. It was wild and limitless encouraging her to let it run as freely as possible. She was so lost in the faded pictures and colors of her ideas and imagination that she didn’t realize that she had slipped into deep sleep. Her heartbeat was a faint murmur to her ears now.

And then she suddenly saw him, not his face but his presence. He was perched near her legs, enjoying reading a book with her. It was beautiful where both seemed to enjoy each other’s company even in silence. She smiled and rested her legs over his and returned to her own book.

And again, within her dream, unknowingly she has slowly slipped into a dreamless sleep. She had felt his presence shift next to her, still there with his book. She felt safe.

Time was still in her dreams. Somewhere in that stillness of time, she felt his lips on her cheeks. A soft peck which had left the touch of his lips even when his presence left. It was one of those little things they shared in their lives together. It still felt new and it felt very real. So real that she opened her eyes and touched her cheeks. The skies were still gray, but there now was a smile on her lips.

She pulled the blanket closer to her chin and closed her eyes again. The voice in her head mumbled one soundless thought over and over again, leaving her with the feeling of asking her to believe. Basking in the beauty of her dream, she slowly began to drift back in her sleep with a renewed hope slowly taking birth in her heart.


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