My Woven Dreams

Carefully picked some silver threads and made an embroidery of the picture in my head. Imagination ran wild with limitless possibilities, where I saw a picture of you and me: our hands entwined and watching the sunset.

Then I took a pen, and captured my daydreams. Building them slowly, till there was a story. And this is how my dreams were painted out in the world, holding my hands and smiling at the world.

Some dreams took birth and was nearing reality. Some dream made me fall hopelessly in love.

Some dreams were shared announced to the world. Some dreams were shy wishing it will come true whenever a shooting star zoomed by.

Dreams. Pushes the best out of me. Challenges till I conquer the dream. Makes me smile and my cheeks don’t even hurt.

And that is how, just like that I fell in love.


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