A Dream of the Boy

It was a chase. The skies were white with a hint of gray clouds on the verge of bursting into a drizzle. She looked at the skies as she ran, not at the person in her pursuit. It was a wordless silent chase. He wouldn’t hurt her physically, she knew that. But that wasn’t the kind of hurt she was scared of.  And so she ran.

She ran and ran till she stumbled on the big rocks splayed randomly. She was on a beach. She looked down in surprise and stopped just before a beam. The beam was high, so high that it seemed like a beam that supported a path that lead to the port. And there she stopped.

She stopped because he was there, caging her in the circle of his arms. He had finally caught her. She stood there immobilized, refusing to look at his face, summoning all the indifference her heart could muster.

In midst of that randomness, there was another randomness that had taken birth and demanded her attention. She looked up at the skies and there were dark black colored birds flying in symphony making spiral shapes in the skies.

He looked in the direction of her gaze. The randomness of the birds caused his grip on the beam slip a bit. The last thing she could remember feeling was the the warmth of his chest crushing her softly back to the beam as he spiraled around in surprise losing his balance.

The last thing she remembered seeing was his face as she accepted his embrace, her arms resting on his back before she closed her eyes and slipped back to reality.


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